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Historically wheelset bearings have been the go-to when it comes to train wheelsets. But do you know if the bearing your currently using is really the most optimal solutions? Are you interested to explore further the benefits of different types of bearings and innovative alternatives that could improve the overall performance of your fleet?

Traditional roller bearings have been used in train wheelsets for decades, but it could be that they come with some drawbacks. For example, they require much more maintenance and precaution. Tapered roller bearing units (TBUs) and cylindrical roller bearings and units (CRBs and CRUs) are becoming increasingly popular alternatives to traditional roller bearings. They offer several benefits, as well as a “space for innovation”.  

In this railvolutionary webinar “Wheelset bearings – A choice or a given”, Railway Application Competence Center Manager at SKF and wheelset bearing expert, Jan Babka, details pros and cons of current solutions. He is looking to provide insight into new features and alternatives in order to guide you through the “jungle” of wheelset bearings.

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